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Hello and welcome to this blog! For a while now, I've enjoyed listening to Sirius Satellite Radio. My favorite station? SiriusXM Hits 1 is my favorite station. Mainly because I listen to all the hit music and that's what this station plays. The station also divides their programming into different shows. This blog is mainly about one, but partially about three other ones as well. The main show this blog is about is the Weekend Countdown hosted by Spyder Harrison every weekend. Every weekend, Spyder Harrison counts down the 45 (claimed to be) biggest songs in North America. This countdown mostly plays hit songs, but also plays songs you may not hear anywhere else. That's one of the things I like about it. I attempt to listen to the countdown every weekend and blog about it. That's what I do in this blog. I recap the countdown every weekend, review the entrants, give some blurbs (pieces of countdown info, such as certain jumps/drops), and give My Top 5 Picks. Here's the formatting I use every weekend:

1. Little Intro

2. Songs That Left

3. The Entire Countdown

4. Entrant Reviews

5. Hit-Bound*

6. Blurbs

7. Hits & Misses Review*

8. YouTube15 Review*

9. My Top 5 Picks

*Does not appear in every countdown post

My countdown posts are scheduled to come out on Saturday. They may come out on Sunday depending on how busy I am on other stuff on Saturday. I try myself to get this blog around. I used to Twitter to try and get it out to the countdown host, Spyder Harrison. Sharing this blog on social media will help boost the popularity. So feel free to share it wherever whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social media sites. Also, everyone is welcome to comment on my posts with any questions or comments you might have.

When I recap the countdown, I show my opinions on the songs by color-coding them based on what I think of them. Here is the color-code code:

Green – Song Is Great!
Blue – Song Is Good/Okay.
Red – Song Is Bad.
Pink – Song Is Close To Getting Old.
Yellow – Song Is Old.
Turquoise – Song Is Really Old and Must Leave Or I'll Hate It.
Purple/Violet – Best Song On The Countdown.
Orange – Worst Song On The Countdown.
Dark Green  No Opinion.

Hit-Bound is one of the shows on Hits 1 that I blog about every now and then. Hit-Bound is the show on Hits 1, hosted by Mikey Piff, that plays all the new music that are on the verge of becoming hits. Eventually, they graduate from Hit-Bound and debut on the Weekend Countdown. The majority of songs on the Weekend Countdown were once on Hit-Bound. The tenures for songs on Hit-Bound varies as some songs debut after spending only one week on Hit-Bound where as other songs spend a few months on Hit-Bound before they debut on the countdown. But keep in mind, not every song on Hit-Bound makes it to the countdown...

Hits & Misses
Hits & Misses is a show that aires every Friday late at night as well as late night Sunday. It is hosted by Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz. Basically, Pete Wentz plays an hour long of songs that are a mix of "hits" and "misses". So some of the songs are actually popular while others did not make it to the top song charts unfortunately. I don't bring it up too often in my countdown posts. It's something I review every once in a while.

The YouTube15 is a show that aires every Friday evening as well as the weekend. It's hosted by YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles. In this show, Jenna plays 15 of the top emerging songs on YouTube, while she tells cheesy, but funny jokes in between songs. Every now and then I may give my favorite song that aired on the show for that specific week.

Hit 45 Chart
The Hit 45 Chart is my own top chart of 45 of my fave songs. I post every weekend for that blog. More info will be in that blog. But you should check it out every week as well as this blog.

Link To Hit 45 Chart: hit45chart.blogspot.com

Other Blogs
There are some readers who, after reading this blog, decided to make a blog of their own. If you want to see some of those blogs, check out the "Other SiriusXM Hits 1 Weekend Countdown Blogs" section in the right side-bar. If you decide to make a blog and you want me to see, comment the link and I'll be more than happy to check it out.

I think I covered everything. I hope you enjoy this blog and I will do my best to keep this blog going as long as I can.

Last Updated: July 19, 2015


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