2016 Year-End Posts

With the end of the year came a few different posts. And in all of them, I explained how the year of 2016 went as far as music goes. It was not the best year. We did get a lot of crappy music. But with that, we also got some quite fantastic songs. Just not as much as the bad. But here are the five posts that came with the end of 2016. So if you missed any of these, please be sure to check them out because I spent a lot of time on each and every one of these.

Content: This post was where I discussed how 2016 went in the most depth. Within this post, I counted the Top 10 Worst Songs of 2016 as well as going through the #1 parade of the year. I announced the Lights Over Paris Hit-Bound Hero Award (award given to the song that made Hit-Bound, but not the countdown) and the Biggest Whiff of the Year award (given to the biggest song that failed to make Hits 1). I also went through the shortest and longest tenured songs on the countdown.

Content: The name is pretty self-explanatory. In this post, I counted my Top 45 Songs of the Year. These songs were the 45 songs that stood out the most in 2016. With each ranking, I also gave about a paragraph explanation of why I like the song and why it made the list. The post also came with all the honorable mentions and the rules/guidelines for eligibility for the list.

Content: In this post, I counted down the Top 45 Songs of 2016 according to the station this whole blog revolves around, SiriusXM Hits 1. With each song, I gave about a paragraph explanation of my opinion on the song and if I think it was ranked well. Each song got a ranking of 0 to 5 (0 being crap and 5 being great). At the end of the post, I then did a Top 45 Review similar to the weekly Top 20 Reviews, except it contained 45 songs and the total score came out to be out of 225.

Content: In this post, I counted down the Top 100 Songs of 2016 according to Billboard. Following the list was several blurbs containing my opinions on some rankings and my reviews on some songs I never did review within the year. At the end was a Top 20 Review that followed the same exact format as the weekly Top 20 Reviews, having a total score out of 100.

Content: This post is for the second blog I run, a personal Top 45 chart, which goes by the name of the Hit 45 Chart. For those that want to know what songs I like every week, you should definitely check out my Hit 45 Chart if you don't already. I post countdowns weekly and it's all based on my opinion. Click here to get the blog's home page. Like all charts, the Hit 45 Chart also has a Top Songs of the Year list. But instead of just a Top 45, for the second year in a row I doubled it up. So instead of 45 songs, it's 90 songs. So definitely check that out if you didn't already to see what the Top Songs of the Year happened to be according to the Hit 45 Chart.

And those were all of the 2016 Year-End posts. Like I said, if you missed any of them, I recommend you check them out. While 2016 was not the best year in music, I still really enjoyed doing all of these posts.


  1. Dishonorable mentions of 2016:
    My S**t
    Timmy Turner
    Low Life
    Get Ugly
    Perfect Illusion
    White Iverson
    Lost Boy
    Hands To Myself

  2. Bottom 10 songs of 2016:
    10. Beyoncé - Formation
    9. AJR - I'm Not Famous
    8. Rihanna/Drake - Work
    7. Symon - Say
    6. Zay Hilfigerrr/Zayion McCall - Juju On That Beat
    5. Lukas Graham - Mama Said
    4. Dawin - Dessert
    3. Jacob Sartorious - Sweatshirt
    2. D.R.A.M./Lil Yachty - Broccoli
    1. Desiigner - Panda

  3. Hit Bound dropouts of 2016:
    Another Lonely Night (green)
    I Wanna Know (green)
    No Broken Hearts (green)
    Brand New (blue)
    If That's Ok (red)
    Electric Love (green)
    Bang My Head (green)
    Stone Cold (green)
    The Sound Of Silence (blue)
    Still Falling For You (green)
    Hello Friday (green)
    Rock Bottom (green)
    Secrets (blue)
    Kiss The Sky (blue)
    This Is For My Girls (green)
    This Girl (green)
    Red Dress (orange)
    Lay You Down Easy (green)
    Basement Party (green)
    Be As You Are (green)
    Superstitious (green)
    Over And Over Again (green)
    Infinity (blue)
    Cruel (green)
    Back 2 U (green)
    The Night Is Young (green)
    Wild (green)